Before and Aftercare

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So you're ready to have eyelash extensions? Yes! Awesome. Here are a few guidelines to help maximize your service time and extend the wear of your lash extensions.


  • Shower. You won't be able to for 24-48 hours after your lash extension appointment. Further explanation on water + lashes on the post-up care below.
  • Please remove mascara/eye makeup or lash glue. Any residue will effect the lash adhesive's retention. Cleaning can be done but it prolongs the service or less time being used for lash application.

  • No shower/bath for 24-48 hours. This includes: Steam, sauna, exercising, cooking (stove/oven heat), swimming, and facials/spa. Eyelash extension adhesive is a special formula, any water interfering with the bonding process during that time is subject to premature lash fallout.
  • Be gentle. No pulling, tugging or rubbing eyelashes. Not only will your extensions might fall out but you may risk damaging your natural lashes. 
  • Avoid the use of any oil-based products that includes makeup and face creams around the eyes. Oil is what loosens up the eyelash bond. Water based products are okay (labeled oil-free) for makeup remover. 
  • Avoid mascara and lash curlers. Mascara (waterproof) will clump up your extensions and cause fallout from cleansing. Curlers will cause damage to your natural lashes as well as extensions.
  • Be mindful of how you sleep! I always say sleeping like a vampire is best (on your back). Although not ideal for everyone, this is a big cause for lash fallout. Invest in a travel neck pillow (donut shape) if need be.
  • Wet lashes. Let them air dry or use a blow dryer or fan on cool/low-setting before brushing them out. 
  • Comb with mascara wand when need to style them. Over-combing may result in snagging. 

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